Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alpha Politics: Craig S. Dunwell and his cronies.

I've lived in Alpha NJ for many years.  I stopped paying attention to local politics years ago.  I vote and read the paper but never really saw any reason to research candidates for local office. 
Things always seem to run smoothly when Harry Zikas was mayor.  Ed Hanics, our current town mayor seems to be doing an outstanding job.  Lately in the papers and online I've been seeing political in-fighting.  A Craig S. Dunwell has been making accusations about Alex Zikas missing council meetings.  Craig Dunwell has made a statement about the mayor raising taxes a half cent per $100.00. 
Really, Mr. Dunwell?  This is New Jersey.  My neighbors and friends were shocked you would make a big deal out of this.  As I read the article I found that the infinitesimal increase in tax was so two town employees could keep their jobs.  Really?  In this economy you want to put two valuable people which the town needs out of a job?  Wow!  There is hardly a soul at the town hall as it is.  Why don't you fight to make Mike Savary pay for the curbs in front of his home.  Then I find out the Craig Dunwell is under investigation for violating the public open meetings act. 
Oh, and don't forget the towns water issue.  After talking to the water department I found out that the water issue is really a non-issue. The EPA tests the raw water out of the wells.  The water we drink has been filtered and is safe.  Nice fear mongering Dunwell.  It seems that Chris Pfefferle, Michael Savary & Craig S. Dunwell are turning our town's government in to a little club to further their political agendas.  Now it seems that the Dunwell crew has two more of its cronies up for the November election.  Brian and Lou shamelessly campaigned at our towns 100th anniversary parade.  People in this town think that was very disrespectful!  I've been seeing Anti-Dunwell signs throughout the town. 
I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't want Craig Dunwell as mayor.  Alpha wants a responsible, reliable mayor.  I witnessed Craig Dunwell verbally abuse a child at the Town's 100th.  An event I'm sure Craig helped organize. All over an order of onion rings being $2.50.  Just go to Burger King if that's too much. I was talking to a friend and she told me that Craig Dunwell went crazy at the town hall over having to pay 25 cents for a copy. 
Has Craig Dunwell ever requested records from a doctor or lawyer? It's more that 25 cents!  After seeing my neighbors campaigning against Dunwell and his cronies I'll be campaigning this summer and fall too.

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