Thursday, August 11, 2011

What happened to the signs???

Last week I noticed somebody had put signs up around town campaigning for Ed Hanics and signs that spoke out again Craig Dunwell, Ed's opponent.  Today I noticed that the signs where all gone.  What happened to them? 

I called a friend of mine and was told that Craig Dunwell was furious about the signs and complained to anybody who would listen about taking them down.  He was heard citing ordinances about posting political signage on utility poles.  What is he so scared of?  Is it that he doesn't have any issues in which to campaign for?  Alpha, the asphalt plant is not coming to Alpha. 

The mayor and council have given the go ahead to replace the water filtering system.  Taxes are low, the school is fine and things in town are business as usual.  What is Craig going to say about the Mayor?  That our taxes are spiraling out of control and the town is falling apart?  We have a responsible mayor who makes sure things get done. 

This is local politics in a town where everybody knows everybody.  The biggest issues are when do the pot holes get fixed and how much salt are we going to need this winter. 

Come on Dunwell, lets hear what you are going to do for Alpha that Ed can't?  This town doesn't need a cry baby, it needs a person who cares and gets things done.

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