Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Vote For Craig S. Dunwell.....Here's Why;

Reading this I realized that even Craig's friend David Foster couldn't write an article that would make Craig look good and our Mayor Ed Hanics look bad.  Why would anybody vote for Dunwell.  He lacks experience.  He, unlike his campaign signs say, is not "professional leadership". 

Nowhere in this article does Dunwell say what he's is going to do differently to improve Alpha.  Mayor Hanics on the other hand has dedicated countless hours of his time to serving Alpha with distinction.  Craig along with his cronies running for council, Brian Wistuk and Lou Cartabona do not have the town's best interests at heart.  Craig is trying to tip the balance of power in his favor. 

Lou Cartabona is a Tea Party fanatic and from what I've seen at council meetings a big waste of time.  These people seem bent on wanting to harass and cause trouble for the citizens of Alpha.  Instead of focusing on the towns real problems they want to discuss tall grass, vacant properties and properties that they think aren't up to their standards.  So watch out Alpha. 

If these idiots get in be prepared to have people showing up at your house to tell you you need to cut your grass and clean up your property.  All the problems the town has had of late and in part or whole the results of Craig Dunwell and his cronies Chris Pfefferle and Mike Savary.  These boneheads fired our long time town auditor.  This has caused many problems and may be the reason the insurance lapsed and the girl who was injured at the softball field couldn't get her bills paid. 

Also rumor has it that if Craig is elected mayor he would appoint his people into important positions in our town.  He would fire town officials who that have kept Alpha running smoothly for years.  Craig made a poor choice in appointing a new company to act as our town auditor so you know he would continue to make poor choices. Alpha can't afford this. 

Who wants an unemployed blowhard as our next mayor for the next four years?  Not me. Lets keep this bonehead out of the mayor's office and get him off town council when he comes up for re-election.  Lets keep Alpha safe and a happy place.

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