Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lou Cartabona......Just a bit off his rocker.

In doing a little research on Mr. Carabona who is running for Alpha town council I found out that he is a "Tea Party fanatic". 

Here are a few sites he says he created or uses:


When the Tea Party started to get into the news I thought a group that wanted a smaller more accountable government that sticks to the Constitution was a good idea but in learning more they are just a bunch of right wing wackos. 

Is Carabona just a right wing wacko too? He might be.  Anybody who has been to an Alpha council meeting knows he just goes on and on about nothing.  If elected he would just waste our town's time.  It seems like he goes just to ask Craig Dunwell questions so Craig can look important. The man is a waste of time for Alpha.

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